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The Buddy X features a mood lamp and foot lighting.

A mobile table that follows you closely. At least if you like. Buddy is very agile with its small wheels. A handy companion in your living room or bedroom, as a side table or bedside table.

This is an As-Is product and the color may vary from the actual product. We highly recommend you to visit showroom to view the product yourself.

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Timeless Design

Integrated Mood Reading Lamp

Compose the perfect ambiance with Buddy X's integrated mood lamp. Submerge yourself in tranquil blues and rediscover the joy of nighttime reading with this bedtime buddy.

Wooden Table Top (Solid Beech Shelf)

A convenient spot to place items such as an alarm clock, medications, eyeglasses, or a glass of water.

Bronze-coloured Metal Frame

Metal storage compartment can be used to store personal belongings such as gadgets, medical supplies, and accessories. 

USB Port

A USB port for charging your smartphone or tablet.

Small Wheels

Buddy is very agile with its small wheels.

Automatic Foot Lights

A floor-oriented light makes it easy to get up at night. The automatic foot lighting on the Buddy X is activated automatically in low light and motion detection by the built-in PIR sensor on the front of the foot panel. The automatic foot lights turn off automatically after three minutes (or 1, 5 or 8 minutes on request). The automatic foot lights can be switched off if desired using a switch on the back of the foot panel.

The Details

General Specs

Colour: Bronze-coloured metal frame in RAL colour 1035 and also have a solid beech shelf.
Weight: 12Kg


Mood Lamp: 3 W–3000 °K
USB: 1.5 A per USB connection
Foot Lighting: 2 W–3000 °K
Foot Light Sensor: Sensor range: 5 m with an angle of 100°. The sensor is located on the top of the buddy.
Foor Lighting Delay Time: 3 minutes (factory settings: 1, 5, 8 minutes)
Transformer: 220 V–12 V–3 A (separate transformer), Cord length: 1.5 m
IP Value: Class III–IP20
CE APPROVAL: The electrical version of the Pause relax is CE-marked according to the machinery directive. This involves analysing all possible risks when using the product. These risks were then addressed during the development of the product. Moreover, all electrical components also have a CE declaration and are therefore safe to use.


Product: 39 cm (L) x 29 cm (W) x 131 cm (H)

Technical Parameters
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