WC Parts: Front Wheel with Rim, 6"

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Bion Wheelchair Replacement Wheel: 6" (sell in piece)

Wheel for self-repair only.

For spare part compatibility, please refer to "The Details" section below.

The Details

Comfy Series

02425 Bion Comfy Wheelchair 4G
02435 Bion Comfy Pushchair 4G
02316 Bion Comfy Wheelchair 3G
02311 Bion Comfy Pushchair 3G
02436 Bion Comfy Wheelchair 2G

Economy Series


Elevating Series


iLight Series

02317 Bion iLight Wheelchair
00646 Bion iLight Pushchair
02318 Bion iLight Pushchair EZ

iLight Detachable Series

02353 Bion iLight Detachable Pushchair 16"
01224 Bion iLight Detachable Pushchair 18"

Traveller Series

02442 Bion Traveller Elite


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