Bion Rollator with Seat

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Bion Rollator w Seat is a 4-wheeled mobility aid for seniors who requires assistance to move around. User can easily adjust the amount of resistance with the hand brakes. After prolonged movement, brakes can be locked for the user to rest on rollator seat. Storage compartment is also available for grocery shoppers.

Warranty Information
  • 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects

Does not cover

  • Wearing out of wheels
  • Loosening of braking mechanism
  • Damages to upholstery
Warranty Details
Pairs Well With

Sturdy & Reliable

Ergonomic Handles

The handle is designed ergonomically offering a comfortable grip and sturdy support.

Lockable Brake Handles

The lockable brake handles allow for adjustable resistance when moving and can be locked for seating. 

Height Adjustable Handles

The height adjustable handles can be customized to fit the user, providing a perfect fit.

Storage Compartments

The storage compartment on this rollator provides a convenient space for personal belongings.

Durable Cushioned Seat

The durable cushioned seat on this rollator offers a comfortable resting spot during long walks.

Rollator Seat with Sponged Backrest

The sponged backrest provides additional support and comfort for the user while seated.

The Details

General Specs

Weight: 7.6kg


Seat Width: 36cm
Seat Depth: 33cm
Seat Height: 53cm
Backrest Height: 26cm


Overall Height: 78cm - 89cm
Inner Width between Handles: 45cm


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