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Respiratory Health Monitoring
The Bion Finger Pulse Oximeter P100 is utilised for measuring arterial oxygen saturation (% SpO2) of hemoglobin and pulse rate, which are important indicators of your respiratory function. 

What is hypoxemia and what is hypoxia
Your blood carries oxygen to the organs and tissues of your body. Hypoxemia is the condition of having low blood oxygen levels in your blood arteries, whereas hypoxia refers to low levels of oxygen in the tissues of your body.

There are several types of hypoxemias, and it can be caused by a variety of situations and health conditions. Read more about to diagnose hypoxemia with a pulse oximeter. 

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Warranty Information
  • 1 Year warranty on manufacturing defects

Does not cover

  • Wear and tear
  • Misuse and mishandling
  • Batteries
  • On-site services
Warranty Details

Simple Assuring

Pulse Rate (BPM) Measurement

Measuring pulse rate is important because it provides information about the heart's function and overall cardiovascular health. Abnormal pulse rates can be an indication of underlying conditions such as arrhythmias, heart disease, or thyroid problems. Monitoring pulse rate can also be useful in tracking the effects of medications or lifestyle changes on cardiovascular health.

Perfusion Index (PI%) Measurement

The perfusion index indicates the pulse strength at the monitoring site.

To make informed patient management decisions, physicians often need to be aware of changes in peripheral perfusion and circulatory status (blood flow distribution to all parts of the body). Optimal pulse oximetry monitoring accuracy is dependent on the selection of a monitoring site (fingertip, hand, toe, foot, forehead, ear) characterized by good perfusion with oxygenated blood. The normal perfusion index (PI) ranges from 0.02 to 20% showing weak to strong pulse strength.

Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) Measurement

Measuring SpO2 allows you to assess your respiratory function and determine if there is sufficient oxygen supply to vital organs, which can help in diagnosing and managing respiratory conditions such as asthma, pneumonia, COPD, and COVID-19.

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Other Features


Pouch And Lanyard Included

Stats Display

Low Battery Indication
Pulse Strength Indication


Auto Shut-off
Clear LED Display
Set Threshold Alerts

The Details

General Specs

Weight: 50.4 g (with batteries)
Power Source: 2 AAA batteries


SpO2 Measurement Range: 35%~99% 
SpO2 Measurement Precision: 70%~99%; ±2%; ≤69% (no requirement)
Pulse Rate Measurement Range: 25~250 bpm
Pulse Rate Measurement Precision:25~250bpm; ±2


58.0mm (W) x 32.0mm (D) x 32.9mm (H)

Technical Parameters
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