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Bion Pedal Exerciser Foldable Blue / Pedometer

Pedal Exerciser
  • Pedal Exerciser
  • Pedometer

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Bion Pedal Exerciser is a simple compact exercising machine for people to do pedal exercises at any place. It is designed for people who wants to exercise while doing other activities or can be a leg strengthener for older folks. Also check out BION Fitness Air Walker E100.

Warranty Information
  • 1 Year off-site warranty on manufacturing defects
  • 6 Months warranty on pedometer

Does not cover

  • Defects arising from accident
  • Improper installation
  • Wear and tear
  • Misuse and mishandling
  • Rusting or stains
  • On-site services
Warranty Details
Pairs Well With

Low Impact Exerciser


The footstraps on the pedal exerciser provide a secure grip for your feet while using the machine.

Non-Slip Rubber

Durable non-slip rubbers provide a secure grip on various surfaces for maximum safety and comfort.

Resistance Adjusting Knob

The resistance adjusting knob allows you to easily customise your exercise intensity.

Safety Catch of Folding Mechanism

The safety catch of the folding mechanism ensures that the device stays securely in place when being used.

Get an inside look of what's in the box. Our latest unboxing video showcases the amazing features of the pedal exerciser.
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Add-on Feature

Pedal exerciser and pedometer are sold separately.

  • Pedometer

The Details

General Specs

Exerciser Net Weight: 2.15kg
Pedometer Net Weight: 0.055kg


Pedal Exerciser: 46 cm x 39 cm x 24 cm
Pedometer: 8 cm x 6 cm  x 10 cm 

Technical Parameters
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