Bion Blood Pressure Monitor B100

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Keep yourself and your loved ones safe with our Bion Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor B100, which is FDA registered.

Bion Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor B100 is used to measure the diastolic pressure, systolic pressure, and pulse rate of adults. Do not use the devices for infants or neonates. 

Find out how you should position yourself and how frequent you should check your blood pressure numbers. 

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    Warranty Information
    • 5 Years warranty on manufacturing defects
    • 6 Months warranty on cuff

    Does not cover

    • Wear and tear
    • Misuse and mishandling
    • Batteries
    • On-site services
    Warranty Details
    Which blood pressure monitor model is the right choice for you?

    Fast & Accurate

    Measuring Technology

    The devices uses oscillametric method to detect your blood pressure. Before the cuff starts inflating, the device will establish a baseline cuff pressure equivalent to air pressure. 

    Based on pressure oscillations, followed by cuff deflation, the device will determine the systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and pulse rate. Bion Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor B100 is used to measure diastolic pressure, systolic pressure and pulse rate of adults. It is also able to detect irregular heartbeat (IHB). 

    Clinically Validated & FDA Registered

    Bion Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor B100 has been thoroughly reviewed and determined to be safe for use and in compliance with the FDA's regulations and standards, and is committed to providing high-quality, effective medical devices to the public. 

    Get an inside look of what's in the box. Our latest unboxing video showcases the amazing features of the blood pressure monitor.
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    Other Features


    BP Cuff, 22-36cm, B101

    Stats Display

    Hypertension Risk Indicator


    99 Memories For 2 Users
    Auto-Off Power Saving
    USB External Power Supply
    One Touch Operation
    Movement Detection


    Bluetooth Transmission

    The Details

    General Specs

    Device Weight (without batteries): 362g
    Power Source: 4x AA Dry Batteries or DC 5V USB External Power Supply (not included)
    Ingress Protection Rating: IP 21


    Pressure Measurement Range: 0~295mmHg
    Pressure Accuracy: ±3 mmHg
    Pulse Measurement Range: 40~199 bpm
    Pulse Measurement Accuracy: ±5%


    Device Dimensions: 138.5 mm (L) x 118.5 mm (W) x 56.0 mm (H)
    Monitor Dimensions: 138.5 mm (L) x 118.5 mm (W) x 56.0 mm (H)
    Arm cuff circumference: 22-36 cm

    Technical Parameters
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