Bion 2-in-1 Non-Contact Temple Thermometer HB500

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A simple and easy-to-use temple thermometer, perfect for discreet temperature checks on babies without waking them. It also features an object mode to measure milk, bath water, or other temperatures.

Clinically Accurate
This Temple thermometer has been clinically tested in several big teaching hospitals based on the protocol of ASTM E1965-98 : 2009 regulatory standard, covering sufficient febrile and normal body measuring accuracy comparing to the concurrent oral temperature measurement reading.

Warranty Information
  • 3 Years warranty on manufacturing defects

Does not cover

  • Wear and tear
  • Misuse and mishandling
  • Batteries
  • On-site services
Warranty Details


Safe & Hygienic

Non-contact thermometers don’t require physical contact with the object or surface being measured, which helps to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. 

Fast & Accurate

Provides accurate measurement from a distance in one second, which is useful in situations where it might not be possible or appropriate to touch the object or surface being measured. For example, if a surface is hot enough to cause burns, a non-contact thermometer can be used to measure its temperature without the risk of injury.

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Other Features


9 Memories

Stats Display

°C/°F scale
Temperature Display
Low Battery Indication


Auto Shut-Off
Self-Diagnosis For Malfunction

The Details

General Specs

Weight: 65g (without battery)
Power Source: 1x CR2032 battery
Ingress Protection Rating: IP 22
Storage Transportation Condition: -25~55°C (-13~131°F), RH<=95%; 700~1060 hPa
Memory: 9 set
Display Resolution: 0.1
Battery: CR2032 x 1


Battery Life: 3000 consecutive measurements or 1 year with 1-2 measurements per day including stand-by mode.
Temple Mode Measurement Range: 34~42.2°C (93.2~108°F)
Temple Mode Measurement Accuracy: +/-0.3°C (0.5°F) during 34~42.2°C (93.2~108°F).
Object Mode Measurement Range: 0~99.9°C (32~199.9°F)
Object Mode Measurement Accuracy: +/- 1°C or +/- 2°F when measuring the object


13.5 cm(L) x 3.55 cm(w) x 4.2 cm(H)

Technical Parameters
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