Bion Shower Chair 797

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Bion Shower Chair 797 is basic shower chair with 4 legged anti-slip stoppers and height adjustable legs. Side handles are available to help in standing and sitting.

Warranty Information
  • 1 Year warranty on manufacturing defects

Does not cover

  • Wear and tear
  • Worn out wheels
  • Loosening of brake mechanism
  • On-site services
Warranty Details

Shower Chair for Easy Standing and Sitting

Side Handles

The side handles provide a secure grip to move the chair, improving mobility.

Drainage Holes

Water drainage holes are placed on the seat to allow water to drain away quickly, preventing the build-up of standing water.

Height Adjustable Legs, Anti-Slip Rubber Stoppers

The height adjustable legs of the shower chair can be tailored to fit the user's height and needs.


Ensure the device is thoroughly dried after use to prevent corrosion.

The Details

General Specs

Net Weight: 1.75kg
Weight Capacity: 90kg
Frame Material: Aluminium


Seat Width: 15.2" (38.5cm)
Seat Depth: 11.6" (29.5cm)
Seat Height: 13.8"-18.1" (35cm-46cm)
Backrest Height (From Seat): N/A
Armrests: No
Distance between Armrests: N/A


Overall Width: 19.7" (50cm)
Overall Height: 15.4"-19.3" (39cm-49cm)
Overall Length: 15.7" (40cm)

Technical Parameters


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